"I will help you flatten your belly, raise your energy levels and increase your WOW factor."

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Do you want to be PERSONALLY coached?

Are you struggling to lose weight?

I help busy people with full daily schedules to get healthy, lose weight, raise their energy levels and look plus feel fantastic.  I found the secrets to a healthy lifestyle and I want to share them with you.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” (Hippocrates) Yes, healthy eating can be enjoyable – it’s not just kale, spinach and chicken! Food is the basis of a healthy lifestyle so let us inspire you with lots of great recipes and a huge range of ideas to keep the evil fat monsters away.

Motivation & Goal Setting
Motivation & Goal Setting

You are not alone! Advice, motivation, camaraderie, guidance, all available via our online platform. We know how difficult it can be to make changes and stay on the health wagon. That’s why we are here to help you reach your health goals. Clients receive guidance with goal setting, tracking their progress and optional customised coaching.

Exercise advice
Exercise advice

We get it – you are busy and no real time for the gym. Burn serious calories in less time with our tried and tested fat blasting workouts. Based on High Intensity Training, we bring the gym to you. All our workouts can be adapted to be done from home (or your office), 15-20 minutes and with no equipment. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this one!

We have a range of health programs that help BUSY people lose weight, build muscle and feel more energised.

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Customised Nutrition Plan

Meal planner, shopping, detailed recipes.  All adapted to your requirements and tracked for progress.

Exercise Program

Short workouts, customised to your fitness experience level. No gym, no expensive equipment and 100% portable.  No excuses!

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Through coaching, I am with you every step (or jump!) of the way.  You are held accountable with checkin’s, regular contact, sharing progress and yes, when the going get’s tough, I am there to pick you up and we move forward together.


I answer your questions and provide you with information, keep you motivated and support you all the way to your personalised health goals.

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What people are saying about My Health Today

  • I was surprised by the number of cm I lost around my waist

    Natasja Business Owner, The Netherlands
  • I’ve discovered a new “me” and am now capable of doing things which seemed almost impossible just a few months ago.  That gives me a real buzz.  I now wish I’d done it years ago!  

    Sue Director, Amsterdam
  • I lost some weight, gained muscles and, most importantly, I feel fit and energetic! So, thanks Steve for introducing me to this new lifestyle.

    Mathieu Business Owner, Eindhoven
  • I suppose like most women I wanted primarily to lose weight & tone up & that’s exactly what I’ve achieved.   I’d definitely recommend Steve a try if the usual gym scenario isn’t working for you It’s made a real difference to me.

    Sue Director, Amsterdam
  • Yes people, nutrition can make a difference! Felt so much fitter and it was easier getting thru my busy working day. Way to go Steve!

    Sebastiaan v/d Akker
    Sebastiaan v/d Akker Web Developer, The Hague
  • The short exercise sequences were achievable and easy to fit into my day.  The recipes gave me some good ideas for healthy dinners.  I found it to be a ‘no hunger’ diet.

    Catherine Executive, The Hague
  • Thanks to Steve's coaching, I can now do the exercising at home too. I would recommend exercising this way more than the gym because there are no muscle freaks to get intimidated by!

    Brendi Amsterdam
  • You don't need to go anywhere to do these exercises. I was totally amazed at how much fitter I felt, I have lost a few kilos AND I can get into my jeans - I am totally amazed.

    Anne Galloway
    Anne Galloway Business Owner, The Netherlands

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