The Early Signs of Lung Cancer

The majority of people who have lung cancer get diagnosed when the disease has progressed. In the early stages, lung cancer might not produce symptoms. Nevertheless, with some people, early symptoms are noticeable. Read on for the symptoms of lung cancer and treatments.

1. Changes in Breathing or Wheezing

Difficulty breathing is a possible indicator of lung cancer.

Breathing changes may arise if lung cancer narrows or blocks your airways or if fluid originating from a lung tumor collects in your chest. Be sure to note when you feel shortness of breath.

Also, do not ignore when you start having breathing issues after performing chores that were easy for you before. If your airways are inflamed, blocked, or constricted, your lungs might produce a whistling sound when you inhale. This may have several causes, which are easy to treat.

It is also good to note that wheezing can also be a sign of lung cancer, so it deserves your doctor’s attention. It would be best if you did not assume that wheezing is a result of allergies. Ask your doctor to assess the cause.