14 Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Here we will focus on the possible breast cancer symptoms that occur with or without a visible lump or mass in your breast. The symptoms might also not contain any cancerous cause. However, if you identify any of the signs and symptoms discussed below, contact your doctor so that you can take the test for both cancerous and noncancerous conditions.

1. Changes to the Texture of the Skin

Any clear changes to the appearance of your breast and skin should be a major concern. The reason being, breast cancer may result in skin cell inflammation that can result in texture changes. The skin around the areola and the nipple may become scaly. You might also experience skin thickening in your breast. These skin changes also result in itching, which is mainly associated with breast cancer. The skin changes might be a symptom of a breast cancer type that is very rare, referred to as Paget's disease. It is also essential to note that benign skin illnesses such as eczema and dermatitis might result in texture changes.