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Let’s talk about goal setting!

Ever heard the phrase ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ when practice firing range? Well, let’s say that we forgot about the first two words and we just fired. What would happen? We are just randomly firing in any direction and we would miss. Maybe we could be lucky and hit our target on the first time, or maybe on the 15th time but the chances are that we wouldn’t.

NOW, imagine that we prepared ourselves – we knew where the target was, we knew how the target moved and we knew how to fire. What would happen – we would hit the target first time right!

So, what is the moral of this story – you guessed it preparation! We plan and set our goals! If we know what we want to achieve and we prepare for it then we reach it! Easy!

So let’s relate it to our health, pick a goal that you want to achieve, make it challenging (but not unrealistic) and go for it. Maybe you want to lose 5 kilos, maybe you want to run a marathon, cycle to your office or parade around the beach in your Speedo’s or bikini on holiday knowing that you look and feel fantastic! Set a goal for yourself that inspires you, motivates you and importantly, very importantly is TANGIBLE – by this we mean, you know when you have achieved it.

Some common examples that we have heard from our clients are listed below.

Good Goal Bad Goal
‘I want to lose 10 kilos’(Measureable – you know when you have lost 10 kilos) ‘I want to lose weight’(too vague – when do you know you have reached your goal)
‘I want to run 5km without stopping for a rest’(Measurable, maybe you start with a 1km run and have to stop, build it up until you reach your goal) ‘I want to run faster’(too vague – 1% faster? 50% faster? how fast do you run now? And is it sprinting for 30 seconds or running for an hour )
‘I want climb Mt Kilimanjaro’(Find out how far you have to walk, the attitude, how much you have to carry on your back, the number of trekking days, how much it costs, a very clear end goal) ‘I want to walk more in the mountains’(too vague – how high are the mountains, how much do you walk now, what is ‘more’,…)
‘I want to lose 10cm from my belly’ (Measurable, track your progress, a very clear goal and the good news is that by losing 10cm around your belly you will lose body fat everywhere else too!) ‘My belly is too big and I want to make it smaller’(too vague – is your goal to be able to see your knees when standing up, do you have back pain, is your belt too tight, you cannot wear your favourite jacket/dress,..)

I am sure you get the idea. Make a good goal that motivates you and you know when you have achieved it.

And what is the last step? To keep you motivated towards your END goal, we recommend setting a short and medium term goal. So, for example, if you aim to run 10km for the first time without resting, make the short-term goal to run an uninterrupted 3km and the medium term a rest-free 5km.

Do you wish to reach your health goals?  Frustrated at being overweight, out of condition and unhappy with your appearance?  We help guide, coach and motivate people towards their personalised health goals.  See how we can help you by determining a program that fits your needs.  Click here for more information. 

Yours aspirationally

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