Would You Like To Be Empowered, Informed and Guided During Your Integration Within The Netherlands?

Thank you for your interest in our Integration Program.  

We help you integrate into the Netherlands by empowering you with the cultural knowledge, confidence and health guidance so you can fully embrace your new life here. Arriving in a new country is both exciting but can be overwhelming.  

Our goal is to help you enjoy all that the Netherlands has to offer and avoid the potential negative aspects of uncertainty, stress and information overload. 

By following the Integration Program you will:

  •  Be supported and advised on navigating life in the Netherlands
  •  Learn tried and tested techniques to stay calm and not be overwhelmed in your new environment
  •  Guided through ways to stay healthy without impacting on your busy schedule
  •  Provide you with insights into Dutch cuisine 
  •  Fast track you to feeling at ‘home’ in the Netherlands

ACCESS trainers, Ute and Steve are both expats and experienced in helping internationals adapt to new lifestyles.  

Please enter your info in the application form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ute and Steve 


About Ute 

Ute  is a qualified multilingual consultant, coach and trainer.  Ute is a specialist in verbal and non-verbal communication, bilingualism and intercultural communication (i.e. the interaction between people from different cultures).  Ute is a lifelong expat and knows about the challenges of an international life. Her goal is to help internationals navigate their life abroad successfully and enjoy their international journey.

About Steve

Steve Barlow is a Health Transformation Coach, helping people lose weight, increase energy levels, introduce healthy habits and generally feel better about themselves.  Steve is a certified trainer has been involved in health and fitness for almost 20 years.  Prior to being a health coach, Steve worked in international corporate marketing for 15 years, employed by a number of multinational organisations in London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Taipei, Taiwan.

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