Hi Sugar, can you pass me the honey?

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Confused about whether you are eating too much sugar?  Here is a overview into the world of sugar.

Rising obesity rates, more and more of our lives are sedentary,  sat behind a screen not moving  (it used to be just a TV but now we have the ‘luxury’ of tablets, smart phones, pc’s, game consoles,…), the ease of consuming convenience food, balancing work versus social versus family life,…it’s all too easy to accept your health will continue to spiral downwards with no light at the end of the tunnel.

However, help is at hand!  With a few pieces of information and a couple of small changes in your lifestyle, it is possible to reverse the bodyfat spiral.

Nutrition by far is the most important aspect influencing our health.  Yes, we need to exercise, yes we need to sleep, yes we need to identify and stay motivated towards our personal health goals and yes, we need a positive attitude to life.  However, if you don’t put the correct fuel in your body then reaching your health goals becomes almost impossible.

We, at MyHealth.today, have written a number of articles about one type of food that seriously negatively impacts our health – namely sugar.  Enter ‘sugar’ into our blog search engine and a number of articles will appear.  However, a lot of our clients ask us, yes we understand that sugar is bad for us so we can replace it with honey right?  Wrong – mostly!

Sugar is sugar. And honey is, you guessed it, mostly sugar. Your body does not care where the sugar comes from.  Apples, bananas, sugar cane, white sugar, brown sugar, syrup or honey the body  breaks the sugar down and uses it in the same way.

Sugar is made from two simple sugars, namely 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose, the sugar typically found in fruits.  The sugar that is on your breakfast cereal is and commonly referred to as table sugar is called sucrose.  Your taste buds can’t quite distinguish between these sugars, but your body can and are processed and used differently throughout the body.  Unfortunately, what your body doesn’t use right away is stored as fat.

Honey is also made mostly of sugar, but there are also about 20 other sugars including a type of starchy fiber.  This offers honey a slight advantage of ‘sugar’ in that your body uses more energy to break it down into glucose thus, you are not storing as many calories per unit for honey compared to sugar.

Honey has a secondary advantage over sugar in that, depending on the source of the honey, it contains (very) small amounts of minerals and a few vitamins. And choose an unaltered honey and it will be free of preservatives or other additives.

But, we hear you say, what should I choose, honey or sugar.  Well, the first answer is, if you want to improve your health, avoid both.  If you MUST choose one, then from a health perspective, then we would recommend to select honey just over sugar.

f you want some inspiration for some healthy recipe ideas then download our free recipe book by clicking here.  Lots of great recipes here full of natural ingredients.

Yours, not passing the sugar nor the honey,



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