What is a good training program to burn fat? Running, right?

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We get this question all the time. Fitness = running and running = fitness. So, if I run then will be fit. Alas no!

Running will improve your overall health and fitness, it will burn some (not huge) calories upto when you reach a distance/time plateau. It’s pretty bad though for fat loss and in the longterm may cause damage to your body. Running should form part of an overall program. (Don’t tell Forest Gump will you!!)

And if I combine running with others exercises, such as sit-ups or the plank, then this is a good solution right? Because that is what people want – to see their abs. Alas, this approach is WRONG .

Here is why and what Myhealth.Today recommends you do.

Too much cardio is bad for you. If you focus on long sessions of running (or any other cardio based activity) then your body reacts by increases of adrenaline in your body, this raises stress levels and makes fat burning less likely. This is the reverse of what you want to do. And, of course there is the increased possibility of injury due to repetitive movement and stress on the body. Think knees, ankles if you are a regular runner as you pound the road.

MyHealth.today fat loss programs focus on exercises aimed at working the big muscle groups (think chest, arms, shoulders, legs) and contain approximately 20% cardio. Yes, just 20% – short and intense but wow it’s effective! The after-burn effect torches that body fat!

So how do you know when you are training in an inefficient way or in the wrong way? Here are some indications:

1. Do you need a “pre-workout” to find the energy for intense training sessions?

2. Are you having trouble falling asleep, OR are you falling asleep TOO quickly (it should take you no more than15 minutes to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow).

3. Do your joints hurt? Do you suffer from small but recurring injuries?

4. Are you making “reverse progress”? Do you feel like you’re training as hard as ever, but stagnating, or slipping backwards and not seeing the results you wish?

5. Are you clinging on to belly fat, despite eating clean and training at a high intensity?

Recognise some of these? Most of us have been there.

MyHealth.today’s recommendation for a good program aimed at fat loss would include the following elements:
• A variety of exercises – cardio vs bodyweight exercises vs resistance training
• Time between exercises for the body to recover – think 24 hours+. Recovery is part of the process and when the muscle growth happens. More muscle = higher metabolism = more fat burning! Yes.
• 3-4 times per week not 6. Yes, less is better.
• Interval training: high intensity for a short period followed by a short rest. No more repetitive 30 minute tread mill or cross trainer sessions.
• Pushing your body outside it’s comfort zone each time you train – if you are not sweating, don’t have a red face, are not out of breath, if you can make a conversation directly after an exercise then you are not pushing yourself enough.
• Goal settting: Don’t think about all the changes you want to make by next week (it’s not going to happen). Think about how you want to look and feel 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now.

Try changing your exercise program and see what happens. Walk twice to three times as much as you sprint. Perform high resistance exercises a couple times a week, stretch your hamstrings as often as you can (and whatever else is tight), and lay off the pre-workouts. I dare you to NOT get better results, sleep more soundly, and feel generally more positive and upbeat.

Our customers receive new workouts each month to keep the body fresh and active.  For more info on our services including the variety of workout programs, take a look at ‘‘Our Services’.

Yours with lots of variety and not running too much


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