Stuck and don’t know how to move forward? Here’s how to overcome 9 key life excuses .

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The basic human mindset is to stay in our comfort zone. So that means no changes, the little voice inside us says ‘maybe I will do it tomorrow’ or ‘ let me think about it’.  What happens (in the majority of cases)…. you guessed it….. no change.  So, what does recommend in these situations?  Get rid of the excuses!


You have heard a 1,000 times that being active is good for us.  Ok, we don’t have to run a marathon every day, but taking the stairs rather than the lift or walking to the shops rather than driving are better choices for our body.   But we know that don’t we, but do we always do it!   Of course not.  We have a busy life,  juggling our family, our work, our commute and if we are lucky our social life (remember that??!!).  How, can we possibly include exercising in our already squashed daily routine?   And, how come some people find time to exercise and others don’t?


Help is at hand. offers you some suggestions of how to incorporate exercising and blast those excuses:


1) I don’t have the time

Our recommendation: Treat exercising just like a visit to the doctor, dentist or hairdresser.  These are appointments that go in the diary and they happen.  Workouts (if done efficiently) require just 20 minutes and can be done at home.  Thus, probably less time than you waiting to see the Doctor whilst reading a copy of a Readers Digest magazine from 1996. So, put your exercising in the diary and make it happen.  3 times a week for 20 minutes.  We recommend first thing in the morning – wake up – exercise – shower – breakfast – work.  You will feel energised and proud for the whole day!


2) Sport is boring

Our recommendation: Find yourself a training buddy. It’s much more fun to train together and you can stimulate each other.  And as you have now implemented the first step (!), you already have an appointment that your buddy can join you on!


3) I don’t like sport

Our recommendation: Do something you like. Don’t start running while you actually hate it. You will last a week!   Swimming, cycling, roller blading, boxing, Kung Fu, dancing, kite surfing,.…..Anything that raises the heart rate and gets you moving. We will accept chess but only after you have something more energetic before it!  And that is what you need; make training a new habit. So set your goals and do something you like, to reach your goal!


4) I love TV Box sets, movies and soap operas

Our recommendation: If you are a TV junkie, do your workouts in front of the TV.  Push-ups, squats, plank, lunges,… can all be done at home.  Just make sure you follow the right intensity while watching the show…… Don’t be to gentle. Check out some of our workouts that you can do in front of the TV.  Click here for an example workout



5) I am always busy with my kids

Our recommendation: Don’t use your children as an excuse! Train with them! If they are still in a buggy, run or rollerblade  while pushing the buggy. Do body-weight exercises in the park or garden with them. Make a plank of yourself with your child on your back. Really add the m to your training sessions. If your children a little bigger, run while they follow you by bike. Play outside with a ball with them. You give them the right example and you are together as a family.


6) I don’t like the gym

Maybe it is the loud music, the sweaty machines, the mirrors everywhere, wannabe Arnold Schwarzenegger’s at every turn, the distance from home,..

Our recommendation:  Whatever reason, exercise at home, in your garden, local park, even run home from the office (or part of it).  Bodyweight exercises are fantastic for fat burning – you do not need an expensive weight machine.


7) Sport and exercising is too expensive

Our recommendation: Bodyweight exercises require er….. your body!  Put an old pair of shorts on, grab a t shirt and put on some trainers and you are ready to go! No expensive gym memberships, no fancy Ab machines that you saw being advertised on TV that will give you a six pack in 6 minutes (yeh right!!).  Just you and your motivation to be healthy.


8) I am always either working or traveling for work and staying in a hotel.

Our recommendation: Set the alarm clock 20 minutes earlier on 3 occasions a week and do the workout in the morning.  You are done for the day.  Travel a lot for work then do the workout in the hotel.  Our workouts can be streamed to your smart phone/laptop.  When was the last time you stayed in a business hotel that did not have WIFI?


9) I feel so unfit and cannot do any sport whatsoever

Our recommendation: It’s a confidence thing.  Start slow, and build up.  Begin with workouts in the comfort of your own home.  Progress, push yourself each time, your confidence will increase and you will soon be out and about and fitter than your friends and neighbours.  You will inspire them, then you have a training buddy!



And the good news…. can help you fit workouts into your lifestyle.  Our exercise programs are designed to be conducted anywhere you wish – home, garden, local park, beach, office,… and at any time, take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and only require you!! No expensive equipment, no gym.  And, our members can stream the video workouts directly to their smart phone, tablet and PC.  Have a look at some of our workouts by clicking the link below.

Click here for an example workout

Yours, without excuses,

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