Why Calling Home is Not good when Exercising

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What do the following all have in common?

  • Watching a movie whilst reading a John Grisham novel
  • Helping your kids with their homework whilst playing solitaire on your mobile
  • Participating in a work conference call in whilst checking the latest news headlines

The answer: ‘Inefficiency’.  If you want something you have to be focused and be dedicated.  And how is this relevant to exercising we hear you saying? (unless of course you are reading this whilst cycling in which case we ask you to bookmark the article for reading later!)

It’s been scientifically proven that going hard and going intense is the most effective way to maximise fat loss and burn those unwanted calories.  100% focus on exercising – no distractions.  What does this mean in reality?  Push-yourself to your limit, you have to sweat, you have to be out of breath, maybe even a red face! So, when you are exercising you should not be able to read a magazine, make a phone call or watch the TV at the same time.  Do we recommend listening to music whilst exercising? – If it pushes you further, gives you more motivation then sure, yes – but only if the music equipment does not interfere with your exercising.  No stopping to change the song or increase the volume or readjusting the loose earpiece!

Think about Olympic athletes when they have just run an event such as the 5km race – they have trained for years and pushed themselves to the limit in their quest for a medal and glory.  A once in a lifetime opportunity.  The leaders are nearing exhaustion as they battle to cross the finish line FIRST.  And what do they do in the first few seconds at the end of the race?  They don’t read a magazine, start playing Suduko or make a phone call,.. they collapse on the floor through exhaustion!  They cannot do anything else except the natural action that arises from pushing yourself to the max.  They don’t have the energy to speak, to stand up,…breathing is challenging enough.

Here is a quote from Andy Murray, Wimbledon tennis winner and recognised as being one of the fittest players in the world:

When you do an endurance session it depends how much you want to push yourself. Most people would normally stop when they’re struggling to breathe but if you push yourself through that, you might feel horrible at the time but you’ll feel better once you get off the machine or the track. It’s pushing it that extra bit that makes all the difference.  Many, many times I’ve ended a session flat on my back with the world spinning above me.

Now, we are not implying that we should all be worldclass athletes, it would be nice though!  What we are saying is that when we train we train HARD. We give it everything.  When you do that something amazing happens.

1)      Your body changes, it gets stronger, it’s gets fitter

2)      You feel amazing, happy hormones flow through your body and you feel GREAT!

3)      And this is the best…. Your body becomes a fat burning machine!  You are outside your comfort zone and your fat cells don’t like it but your brain does!

So, next time you train – don’t phone home!

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Yours exhaustingly



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