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We are all aware of the importance of healthy nutrition towards achieving an energised, happy and fit lifestyle .  However, many of us are already DOOMED to falling at the first hurdle as we walk, clutching our empty shopping bags to our local supermarket or as we fire up the browser for our trusted home delivery provider.

As a Health Transformation Coach, listed below our my Top 10 Food Shopping recommendations to ensure that you make healthy choices for you and the rest of your household (including pets!!)

  1. Never EVER shop when hungry. You will impulse purchase and I know and you know who’s the winner between carrots sticks and a chocolate bar as you move around the store!  Don’t sabotage your health through short-term hunger.  Grab some food before you leave home/office.  Even a glass of water will help with the hunger urges.
  2. Plan Ahead for Success; Before you even enter the store (or open the browser), plan your meals and create a list and stick to it. You will be more efficient, spend less money and make healthier choices.
  3. Variety: A healthy diet needs variation. Switch between sweet potatoes and white potatoes, chose spinach instead of iceberg lettuce, select one week apples, the next oranges, rotate chicken and turkey.  Unless you are a vegetarian purchase a variety of different meats and fish.  Vegetarians include a range of pulses and beans.
  4. Be inspired: – Check out the daily or weekly specials for new ideas. Be adventourous and try something new or different every week.  (Though, best to avoid the new latest and greatest chocolate bar claiming to be fat free and calorie neutral!)
  5. Veggies: Spend at least 1/3 of your time in the vegetables section. These items should represent a significant part of the space in your trolley.  Aim for lots of colours and lots of variety. You will feel good about it and other shoppers will be impressed as they glance at your food selection (yes, we are all inquisitive!)
  6. Breads, Cereals, and Pasta. Select whole grains and whole wheat versions.  Try and include items like brown rice, quinoa and barley.  Avoid heavily processed breakfast cereals loaded with sugar.  Replace with oats, nuts and some fresh fruit mixed together.
  7. Frozen Foods.Fantastic! Frozen fruits are great for breakfast smoothies, frozen vegetables (without sauce) provide a go-to source of nutrients when your fresh veggies are insufficient or finished.  And we need protein so freeze the meats and fish too.
  8. Canned and Dried Foods.Keep a variety of canned vegetables and beans in your kitchen for soups, salads and adding to meals. Where possible opt for reduced salt/sugar added varieties. .
  9. Turn shopping into a workout! Burn more calories by going quickly around the store, carry a basket rather than use a trolley, do bicep curls with bottles of milk, do lunges down the aisle,…. And of course walk home carrying the shopping if you can rather than drive. (If you shop online, do jumping jacks every time you place an order!)
  10. Labels: This is a biggy! Read them! Go for minimal ingredients, ideally just one. More info on this short 2 minute video.  Click the link below:

Show me the Labelling 2 minute video

Interested in more health advice and recommendations?  Check out health tips targeted at helping busy people at:

–> MyHealth Today on Facebook

–> Health advice

To your health,

Coach Steve

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