How 30 Seconds A Day Brings You To A Healthier Lifestyle

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Are you interested in a natural way to boost energy levels, improve fat burning and cleansing your body?
We are overloaded with toxins that may their way into our bodies – soaps and shampoos through our skin, breathing in polluted air, any medication we may take for everyday ailments and of course the additives, antibiotics, hormones and preservatives that are added to our food!
These toxins affect us in so many different ways and of course they impact our ability to be healthy – energy levels, quality of sleep, eating disorders, hormone imbalances and the way we digest food. Sounds pretty bad doesn’t it. But before you rush off to bang your head against a brick wall, there is a simple trick that helps rebalance all the bad stuff. And the good news,… it’s so simple to do and it really kick starts EVERY day!

After your head has left the pillow in the morning and you have made your way to the kitchen, add the equivalent of half the juice from a lemon to a standard sized glass of warm water. Drink, enjoy and then wait for around 10 minutes before eating your breakfast.
Extra bonus points if they are organic lemons!
Why does this trick work? Potential benefits include:

1) Lemons are natural, full of vitamin C, antibacterial and boost our immune system to help fight off infections
2) Detox and improved energy levels: Lemons help remove toxins from our bodies leading to raising energy levels
3) Lemons improve digestion and can even help with heartburn.
4) Lemons help your liver remove toxins from the bloodstream
5) They help relieve a sore throat and if you are feeling thirsty, lemon and water are an ideal combination!
6) Lemons help to clean the skin and leading to a healthy glowing complexion.
And if you need any more convincing… here are the two big BIG benefits:
7) Lemons are considered one of the most alkalising foods we can eat – although they are acidic, once in the body they are alkaline, helping to alkalize the blood. Most Western diets have too much sugar and grains (bread) which create an acidic state. Lemons combat this. What does that mean – reducing pain and inflammation in our joints
8) Lemons help us to lose body fat – how through improving the balance of hormones in our body.

So, given all the health benefits, this simple 30 second ‘trick’ inclusion into your breakfast schedule is a bit of a no brainer!
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Yours squeezingly

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