10 Ways to Remove Sugar From Your Diet

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Sugar – it’s been all over the news and gained a key role as the anti-health food group.  And MyHealth.today agrees.  Sugar is EVIL!   Sugar impacts our body in so many negative ways – tooth decay, suppresses our immune system, increased likelihood of heart disease, alterating of our hormones influencing our appetite and raised levels of cancer cell growth.  And if that is not enough it encourages fat storage and weight gain.  Any remaining doubts?  We think this is sufficient evidence to remove it from our daily diet.  But how?  It is everywhere.

Well, good news, MyHealth.today has come up with some suggestions of how you can do this.  Don’t worry you do not need to be Sherlock Holmes or have a degree in Biochemistry.  A few basic ground rules and you will be amazed how quickly your weight loss and health improves.  Here we go….

  1. Make small changes for a lasting solution: Ever tried to reduce or even eliminate sugar? It is difficult.  Nature gave us a sweet tooth for a reason – we find sweet tasting foods desirable. Sugar is everywhere, hidden away in all kinds of products.  Set a goal of reducing sugar intake bit by bit.  Don’t try and go 0% sugar overnight, it’s too much of a change.  Make weekly changes and make the journey slowly and you will more likely have a longer lasting success.
  2. Become a Food Detective.  As we mentioned above, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes but day one, lesson one at the Food Police school teaches it’s students to know where sugar is first.  Know this and you are on your way to graduation.  Read the food labels.
  3. Don’t drink fruit juice. When was the last time you ate 6 oranges in 10-15 minutes?  Answer – the last time you had a glass of orange juice.  Fruit juice is loaded with sugar – skip it!
  4. Control your intake of Fruit:Keeping on the fruit theme, MyHealth.today recommends eating a maximum of around 2 portions of fruit a day.  Fruit in it’s natural form is full of fiber, digestive enzymes and vitamins so consume away but just not too much. Think berries, grapefruit, oranges.  Oh, avoid dried fruits – you are more likely to eat more of these – it’s easy to eat 10 dried apricots – that’s 5 days worth of your fruit allocation in one hit – Bam!
  5. Do not add Sugar to your food or drinks.   This is probably the easiest to quantify a change.  Common areas include adding to breakfast cereals, tea, coffee, fruit salads,…
  6. Switch Food sauces.   Any sweet tasting sauce accompanying a meat, fish or vegetarian main dish will contain sugar.  Take a look at the prepared jars in the supermarket for the amount of sugar included.  Switch to a different flavour or brand or better, make it yourself.  For example, instead of buying a pre-made tomato sauce for pasta buy a tin of tomatoes, add some pepper, some garlic and few of your preferred herbs and spices and you have your own sauce.  It will probably be cheaper too!
  7. Sugar is sugar is sugar.  It’s all the same – brown sugar, white sugar, raw sugar, cane sugar,… Your body cannot distinguish between them and breaks them down in the same way. Don’t be fooled!
  8. Remove Processed Breakfast Cereals  Take a look at the ingredients in your favourite daily morning cereal.  Recommended daily maximum levels are around 25g/6 teaspoons a day.  See how your cereal performs on this scale.  Be prepared to be shocked.
  9. Fat-Free’ does not mean ‘sugar-freeFood manufacturers often advertise products as being ‘fat-free’ or ‘reduced-fat’.  Remember your inner Sherlock and check the label for the amount of sugar in the product and calculate how much of your daily sugar allocation will you consume by eating this.  The results will surprise you.
  10. Kick the can (of Soda). A can of our favourite soda contains approximately a daily allocation of sugar. Replace with fruit teas, water or add a few drops/pieces of lemon to the water and you will be making a massive difference to your sugar intake.

Keep the faith, read the labels and equate to recommended daily sugar levels and you will be amazed how you can kick the sugar habit.

If you want some inspiration for some healthy recipe ideas then download our free recipe book by clicking here.

Yours, without a sweet tooth,


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