10 Positive Steps Towards Removing Your Migraine

 In General

In our earlier article, 18 FOOD AND DRINK TYPES THAT COULD BE CAUSING YOUR MIGRAINES we discussed that migraines can be related to eating certain food groups.  In this article we provide you with some practical advice on how to speed up the removal of an unwanted migraine.  We recommend, that you experiment with a few of these approaches and see if they improve your condition.   We have tried to keep them simple and in all but two cases you just need you – no equipment, no special training and no assistance.

1: Walking

If you feel the headache coming, go for a walk. A brisk walk will help your body to give off. more endorphins, our bodies natural painkillers. Even a short a 5 minutes walk whilst you think of relaxing and calming things will help.

2: Stretching

Sit on the floor, couch or bed, and very gently stretch all your muscles. For example, start at your feet, stretch and wriggle your toes, then move onto rotating your feet slowly, next to your legs with slow circular motions, continuing all the way up your body.  Flex your core muscles gently, move the arms. Then your fingers and hands; shoulders and at the end carefully move your neck. Bring your head backwards and forwards and then rotating

3: Massage

A back, neck and shoulder massage can reduce stress significantly. You relax and your blood will flow better afterwards.

4: Abdominal Breathing

Breathe from your belly. That allows you to stimulate relaxation and it lowers your blood pressure. Lie down on you back and put your hands on your stomach. Then breathe deeply in and concentrate on your hands. If performed correctly, you will see your hands slowly moving up.  This exercise is also good for stress and poor sleep.

5: Imagination

Sit back and close your eyes. Put pleasant, relaxing images in your head. For example, imagine you are on a lovely beach with a gentle breeze and a beautiful warming sun.  Sense the feelings, hear the sounds of the sea lapping, bring back the smell of the sea and the beach, then smile and enjoy your beautiful imagination. It will reduce your headache.

6: Active muscle relaxation

Tighten a number of muscles in your body and hold the tension for a few seconds. Then relax those muscles by slowly letting the tension go. This should also reduce the tension in your head.  Begin with the muscles in your toes and feet and work your way up until your neck.

7: Yoga

A great way to relax your muscles and reduce your stress.

8: Visualization

Similar to the ‘Imagination’ process, but instead of focusing on a happy place, here we are trying to remove the pain, stress, tension or worries. Visualise taking your pain, stress, tension or worries towards a large shut door.  Open the door and visualise seeing an empty room and put all the negative energy into the room. Now close the door and really lock the door tightly.  And then throw the key into the sea so it can never be found again as it sinks, deeper and deeper. As the key moves away from you then so are all the pains and stresses leaving your body and head. Feel calm.

9: Meditation

Find a comfortable relaxed position without disruption.  Close your eyes and repeat to yourself the words “calm”, “relax” or “peace”.  This process will really help reduce stress and tension.

10: Biofeedback

This is a popular technique in which body signals are measured, so you have a more complete understanding of what is happening in your body. You will learn to notice the changes in your body-activity and with the help of relaxation techniques, you learn how to control these reactions. It is recommended to follow a dedicated training from a biofeedback therapist.

We hope that some of these activities help with removing the symptoms of a migraine.  If you believe that your migraines could potentially be related to food, then take a look at our blog article18 FOOD AND DRINK TYPES THAT COULD BE CAUSING YOUR MIGRAINES

Yours in health



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